We offer clients assistance in the establishment and management of living production systems customised to suit Their situation

Our Consultancy service includes:

Whole System Planning
When setting up systems it is important to look at the big picture and plan a sound program to ensure a successful outcome

We engage in a holistic decision making process with clients that may involve:

We provide advice on implementation and ongoing management support as required.

Optimised Plant, Animal & Microbe Management
The health and condition of the organisms we work with is directly correlated to the type of outcomes we are looking to achieve

We have extensive experience of working with a range of crop types, livestock and microbiology and can assist you in the implementation of the best methods and practices available to achieve high quality production.

It is most important to us that the organisms that we choose to cultivate thrive. Their core needs must be met by addressing their nutrition, living conditions and community environment.

Integrated Weed, Pest an Disease Management
The costs associated with weed management and pest and disease damage can have significant implications on the viability of an operation 

We develop pre-emptive programs using a range of tools, methods and management practices to ensure the most effective strategies are in place for your situation.

Our integrated management programs incorporate a combination of organically compliant biological, cultural, mechanical and chemical measures.

Testing and Analysis
Effective testing can be an invaluable tool used to inform aspects of your production programs

We can determine the type of testing that will be of most benefit for your situation, recommend a reputable laboratory service if necessary, analyse your results and make recommendations to address any issues. 

Testing can be carried out to assess chemical, physical and biological aspects of plants, soil and water.

Consultancy price - $60 per Hour
(Minimum Call out Fee - $90)
For bookings outside the Margaret River region please call or email us
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