About Us

Our aim is to nurture a greater capacity to manage the landscapes that sustain us, as unique expressions of the bounty, functionality, resilience and beauty of life

We utilise dynamic systems of living organisms as a means to:
Grow High Quality Produce
Improve the Functioning of Landscapes
Foster the Biodiversity of Living Species
Increase efficiency and lower inputs
cut waste and pollution
contribute to climactic regulation

We really believe in what we offer. It is our cultural solution to a range of societal and environmental issues and we are passionate about sharing it

Founder and Manager
Mark Tupman
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For over two decades Mark has been active in the fields of organic/biodynamic production, permaculture, sustainability, agro-ecology and holistic management.

He has set up and co-ordinated VET horticulture (organic production) programs at a number of campuses, been involved in a mix of research, community and enterprise projects throughout Western Australia and inbetween times managed an orchard, animals and food gardens on his own property.

In 2015 he formed Productive Ecology, a consultancy and education business that specialises in the establishment of integrated living production systems. 

Most recently he has also taken on the role of horticulture project manager at the Witchcliffe Ecovillage development. 

  • Diploma in Horticulture

  • Certificate in Permaculture Design

  • AEA  Precision Nutrition and Redox Courses

  • Biodynamics 2024 Intoduction to Biodynamics Workshop

  • NTS Nutrition Farming Series

  • RegenAG Course

  • Cert IV in Training & Assessment